1 Big Reason To Not Wait Until Spring To Sell

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Share Late last year, banks were warned that they needed to guarantee that the paperwork necessary to start a foreclosure process on a family was both accurate and complete. Since then, the banks have slowed down the foreclosure process while they re-examined their procedures. They are now confident that all the required documentation is in […]

2 Points About Loan Modifications You Need To Know

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Share Wondering whether modifications will have a major impact on preventing an increase in future foreclosures? Though modifications are still being done, the onus by the government and the banks has currently shifted to two other initiatives to help the housing recovery: 1. Preventing future delinquencies (people falling behind on their payments) 2. Clearing the […]

Money to Purchase and Renovate Your Home

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Tweet Whether you’re looking at a foreclosed home, bank REO, a Short Sale or really any home, you need to be aware of the FHA 203K Program. The general condition of real estate has taken a dip over the past few years, as homeowners are not sprucing up their home as they have in the […]