Pricing on your short sale listing is vital to the success of helping you avoid foreclosure.

I specialize in pricing your home aggressively in order to spur maximum buyer interest, get a qualified buyer and offer to your bank as quickly as possible in order to determine appropriate negotiations with your lender. Your lender will eventually provide us with information that indicates what they are willing to accept as a short on the amount owed.

So pricing the home aggressively and then making adjustments thereafter is key. Information from your lender is vitally important. However, time and time again, I see other agents take short sale listings and price them incorrectly and market them inefficiently. The homes don’t sell and then are foreclosed on, thus not helping the owners avoid foreclosure.

Don’t believe hype – believe results. I have successfully sold over 80% of the short sales that I have marketed during the last several years (the owners I wasn’t able to save from foreclosure decided not to cooperate with their lenders or weren’t able to follow through with the responsibilities of the paperwork involved).

As a Listingbook professional, I use internet technology for maximum exposure. As your agent, I can feature your home and highlight your listing for all of the buyers in the Listingbook community – over 60,000 buyers and agents actively searching every month!

Through my main portal website,, I’m able to reach out to home buyers throughout Long Island and have them sign up for my home buyer search tool. In order to drive traffic to my websites so that buyers can sign up for my search tools, I use various methods of online advertising.

My GoogleAds Advertising campaigns (like the link you may have clicked on to get to this website) drive home buyers to my many websites.

Your home will also be featured on websites such as,,,,,, and more.

Traditional methods of advertising include The Real Estate Book, Newsday, and local papers. What goes into these ads is also important. I design my ads so they get calls. On average, my ads receive 25% higher call volume than other agents because I know what to put in the ads to promote maximum interest!

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